Notion meets your workflow

Enhance your Notion tasks with content and updates from commits, PRs, deployments and releases.

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The Missing Piece

Connect your repos and pipeline tools with Notion.

See at which stage the task is on it's way to production

NotionFlow subscribes to the events you pick, and updates the tasks accordingly.

View the full lifecycle of your tasks

NotionFlow connects your Notion tasks to commits, PRs and releases. Get status updates from Github, Bitbucket, CircleCI into Notion automatically.

Have all updates in one place

Keep all info in one place for engineering, design, product and other stakeholders.

Changelogs in Notion

Automatically get your changelogs in Notion. You don't need to be using tasks in Notion to get these changelogs. They will be auto generated based on your commits. If you use tasks (e.g. Roadmap Template) NotionFlow can reference them in changelog.

Auto move your tasks

Your tasks can be configured to move across columns you define. This is a simple optional configuration where you can update your tasks' fields with PR create, update, merge.

Auto update your tasks

Your tasks will be updated with the activity you pick

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